Inmotion wordpress专用主机缓存机制

➊  访客访问网站,对nginx服务发起网页加载请求;Nginx读取缓存内容推送到浏览器。
➋  如果 NGINX从缓存中找不到浏览器请求的内容, NGINX 会将请求推送到 Apache.
➌  If a PHP script handles a page, Apache sends the request to the domain’s PHP-FPM pool. The PHP-FPM pool takes .htaccess rewrites and other rules into account, allowing for the use of “pretty URLs” or permalinks.
➍  The PHP-FPM pool then dispatches the request to an available worker (or spawns a new worker if one is not available). The worker then executes the PHP code.
➎  The response travels back up, in reverse, through each of the previous steps, until it returns to the user’s web browser for display.

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